About Us

We (Jamie and Lillian) started out as friends who both liked photography. Today we are great friends who LOVE photography. We decided to turn our hobbies into a business in March of 2010. Both of us wanted to "go pro" so we decided to collaborate, share in the learning and do it together. We're partners -- but not really. We're both sole proprieters who schedule, shoot, edit, design, and sell prints independent of one another, BUT once or twice a month we come together and throw a "portrait party" and you -- our clients are always invited. Our parties often have a theme or a set location. It's economies of scale -- photography style. When we do a "party" the celebration is for you. When we can collaborate, share expenses and have fun -- we pass the savings onto you.
We are located in Fairfield County in southwestern Connecticut. The best way to get in contact with us is by emailing us, or by simply leaving a comment on this blog and giving us your email address. Currently, we do not list our phone numbers because it is very difficult do do business over the phone with young children (who suddenly feel the urge to yell as soon as we need to talk on the phone! Does this happen to you or is it just us??). But don't worry, we are very diligent at keeping up with our email, so we will most definitely respond: jamie @ theportraitparties dot com or lillian @ theportraitparties dot com.



Jamie                                                                                                    Lillian

Jamie has had a love of photography for as long as she can remember. Way back in Elementary school she made pinhole cameras for as many class projects as she could and used her mother's closet as the "darkroom" for changing out the film. She now shoots with a Nikon d7000 which she LOVES as well as a prime 50 mm 1.4 lens. She loves to photograph children and families. She practices on her husband and 5 children as often as they will let her. While a Texan at heart, she is enjoying living in the northeast and experiencing all the fun and history around her.   Taking the photos is only half the fun.  Jamie wants to help you tell your family's story on your walls, in your home, through books, prints, or electronically through blogs, facebook, and twitter.  Tell her your vision for sharing your photos and she will help in every medium!

Lillian Sensitive & thoughtful. Loves to capture that perfect, fleeting, true moment in a photograph. Can't get enough of the smell of a freshly cut lime. Passionate about her family and sweet children. Can't turn down the opportunity to photograph a newborn baby. Loves the color turquoise. Plays the piano. Can't play sports - just not that coordinated. Loves to connect with people more than superficially. A people watcher. Enamored with photography.