Friday, December 16, 2011

Mr J Turns Six | New Canaan Portrait Photography

This handsome little boy is my son, who turned six recently. Okay, he turned six in October and I am just now posting the session. It's been a busy few months! Happy Birthday, my favorite son!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last Call for Family Photos

Here are some I took from last year. Don't let the year slip away from you.

It is always amazing to look at photos from a year ago and realize that even though it feels like not much has changed that things really have-- the kids are taller, the baby is a toddler, baby teeth have been replaced, and more. . . Preserve each year -- email today to set up a time. Our last portrait party of the year is scheduled this Saturday.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

STOP CMV -- giving back!

Perhaps one the most rewarding aspects of starting this photography business for Lillian and I has been the opportunity to give back to our community. We have volunteered our photography at schools, in auctions, and at charity events. Last night Lillian and I took the "handraising" photos at the Stop CMV event cocktails for a cause. We set up a seamless white backdrop with studio lighting and the attendees came and wrote "STOP CMV" on their hands and posed for a picture. It was a fun evening. Thanks to Casey (the person hosting this huge event) for inviting us to participate!

These were the most beautiful sisters!

Here is one of the sisters getting her hand written.  (I just loved the Christmas tree lights bokeh!)

And here is a fun one showing some of the behind the scenes as Lillian was directing a group!