Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby A | New Canaan Newborn Photography

Here are a few more from this darling newborn's photo session.  Isn't she so beautiful with all that hair??


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby P | New Canaan Newborn Photography

This little darling has the brightest, sweetest eyes, doesn't she?  She wanted to stay wide awake during the first part of her session so she could look out the window and take it all in.  But we eventually got her to sleep.  She was such a good girl for her very first photo session.

Congratulations to Kevin & Nicole on your sweet baby girl!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A little bit about my newborn sessions: I understand how difficult it can be during those first few days to get everyone dressed up and out the door.  While I can do studio-type newborn sessions in my home, I am also happy to come to your home. 

A studio-type session would involve using my own props/blankets, etc.  However, the beauty of an in-home session is that I work hard to capture your newborn in your family's home element.  For the most part, I try to use your blankets, bows, furniture, lighting, clothing, etc. (except for the diaper cover that I bring with me or some soft blankets).  This can create an extra-special feel to the session that is unique to you and your family. 

For years to come, you will always remember that swaddling blanket she's wrapped up in, or that living room sofa you used to have when he was a newborn.

I must admit, this type of photography can be extra-challenging because I am dealing with unfamiliar lighting, or sometimes rooms with low-light.  Your images most definitely won't have that feel that you get with studio lighting.  But I'm hoping to capture more than just the perfectly-lit and posed photo.  I'm hoping to capture your family's memories and the feel of your home during this special time in your life when you have a fresh, new baby's spirit join your family.

That's what I'm hoping for anyway!


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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Step 2 : Publishing straight to your blog from Lightroom using the LR/Blog plugin

In a previous tutorial (Step 1) I detailed how to download and install the LR/Blog plug in.  In this tutorial you will see why this is so  . . .  life changing??

Yes, life changing.  It makes blogging easy.  It makes sharing your photos and your thoughts simple.  I simply couldn't blog everyday without it. 

First, make sure you are in the LIBRARY module of Lightroom (LR). 

Select the photos you want to use in your blogpost.  I usually use the quick collection to select the photos.  If you don't know what the quick collection tool is or why or how to use it, leave me a comment and I will do another tutorial.  In this example I am only using 1 photo.  You can see on the black bar above the filmstrip "1 selected" that way you know you have the photos you want. 

Now click EXPORT.

Immediately this box opens up.  At the very top it says, "Export to:"  If you click on the black triangle you will get a drop down menu of all your plugins-- Select LR/Blog

You then can enter your username, password and connect.  It will then bring up your blogs.  I have several blogs and this is the point where you choose which blog you are publishing to. 

After selecting your blog you will use the right handed slider to glide through a whole variety of options.  First it will ask you what you are doing -- I was "Creating a new post" but notice that you can choose to add to an existing post also.   I also click the box that says open at the blogger editor (if you don't click that it will publish right away -- and sometimes that is what I want and sometimes I want to do more typing at the editor stage).  Then you title your blog and type your blog entry.  When it is just one photo I usually do all my typing here.  For more than one photo I usually wait and do the typing in the blogger editor in the compose mode so that I can see each picture as I type. 

If you keep scrolling down (and you should) you will be prompted about resizing your image.  My blog is 850 px wide, so I choose for the long edge to be resized to that size and for the ppi to be 72 (which is the highest screen resolution).  I usually check sharpen for screen (this saves you a big step!!!) and I also minimize the embedded data because I want my picture file to be as small as possible so that it loads quickly.  You can also watermark from this box and it will bring up your saved watermarks (again -- if you want a tutorial on creating a watermark -- leave a comment).   Then you click EXPORT.

You are then taken to the blogger editor as seen below.  I double check everything and then click publish!

And here it is.  A whole blog post in less than 2 minutes- start to finish.  It can't be beat!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Some editing magic

I have been editing 2 pictures today and thought I would post before and afters. The challenge in taking photos of families is getting everyone on the right page in the same frame. I'll be honest -- it doesn't always happen. And while I have done everything I can from a photographer's perspective (exposure, attracting their attention), it just doesn't turn out quite right. What is worse is when there is just one person not quite right in an otherwise perfect shot. That is the beauty of planning ahead and learning to use photoshop. I always try to capture 2 frames for each family shot spaced just a second apart. (not quite continuous frame shooting -- because then there isn't even time for someone's expression to change) but just enough time for changes to have been made. Then I have 2 very similar images to use and make a composite image.

In the first image, the little girl was just hiding away behind her dad. In the second image I used she had stepped out to the side, but by then the parents no longer had their "surprised, happy faces on". So I merged the 2 and took out the distracting people in the background.

In this image, all the kids are doing kind of silly things, but the one on the far left has her eyes closed and it looks funny. I had to search through the pictures of that day to find one of her looking the same direction and then swapped out the eyes. Amazing isn't it?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Clickin Walk 2011 | Connecticut Photographer

I had the privilege this weekend of meeting up with some fellow Connecticut photographers in Mystic, CT for a photo walk.  These ladies are all members of the Clickin Moms forum, a community of over 8,000 members.  The walk leader was the very talented Sarah Cornish from My Four Hens photography.  Mystic, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful places in Connecticut, so I was excited to go up for the evening (despite the loooong drive).

Kids were invited so I had my five-year-old son come along.  I am so glad I did.  I let him take part in the photo walk as well.  He used the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.  Here's what he captured.

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Miss Newborn | New Canaan Newborn Photography

Look who I was lucky enough to spend my morning with.  Can I just tell you again how much I enjoy newborn sessions?

Congratulations to Nicole & Kevin on your precious baby girl!


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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Model Search! | Fairfield County Childrens Photography

We are so excited to be teaming up again with our favorite New Canaan-based accessories business: lizzie, izzie + james!

We know you all have the cutest kiddos around, right?  So please email your photo submissions to by Sunday, October 16th.   We can't wait to hear from you!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Year Old!

Love that baby of mine!

The B Family | Fairfield Beach Family Photography

We couldn't have asked for better weather for this beach session. It was amazing! We had a gorgeous sunset, a nearly full moon, a dozen sailboats in the distance, and a beautiful family. I won't mention the biting flies that ate us all up during the entire session. No, we don't want to remember that part. We just want to remember this perfect, end-of-summer beach evening spent in the sand walking with bare feet.

Love this one of dad checking the blackberry....


Isn't the moon so pretty?

And sailboats on the horizon!

I love Mr. L's face in this one!  Little brother is the life of the party.

L . O . V . E

I did a few individual shots of the girls after the sun set and I had barely any light left.  The light on their faces came assisted by my reflector.  But despite (or maybe because of) the graininess due to the low light, I love these images of three beautiful sisters and think they would make a gorgeous wall collection.

And here's a sample wall display of the images for this family's home.

*** By the way, I realize the images aren't lining up, but Blogger is just making it difficult for me to correct it.  So just pretend they are all nicely and neatly arranged, okay? ***