Thursday, September 29, 2011

Publishing photos to Blogger straight from Lightroom -- Step 1

Every photographer wants recognition and feedback for their work and blogs provide a great forum for that but, as we all know blogging about your photos takes time. What used to take many, many steps has been drasticallly simplified through the use of a Lightroom (LR) plugin.

First, go to this webpage. On the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see Download LR/Blog.

Click on it. Make sure to save the file in a place you will remember. (I created a folder called Downloaded LR plugins inside a lightroom folder) but you can save this file anywhere you want (provided you can remember where it is).

Now, this download has some of its features locked. To unlock the full functionality of this plug-in you have to "buy" it. There is a button on the lower right side of the screen (you must scroll down) that says I'd like to buy a copy. Once you click that button it changes to a paypal button -- it is 8 Great Britain Pounds or $12.55 in US dollars.   Click on the pay now button and pay through paypal.  You will then get an email with a registration code. 

Now, Open Lightroom. 

Make sure you are in the Library module.  Click on the Export button and you will have this dialog box open.  Click on the button called Plug-in Manager.  Once there you will see a button (it is highlighted in blue) that says Add.  A new dialogue box will open asking you to identify the file you saved (that is why I told you to remember it). 

You now have the plug-in installed but you need to enter your paid registration number.  To do this you must be in the library module, click export, click plug in Manager, and then click on the LR/Blog plug in.  At ther very top of the screen there will be a place to type in (or paste in) your serial number. 

Now you should successfully have installed the LR/Blog plug-in. 

My next tutorial will be on how to use this plug/in to get your photos from LR to Blogger in 1 (yes, ONE) step!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Portrait Party Tomorrow! | Trumbull Photographers

It's not too late to schedule a portrait party session for tomorrow at Lillian's home studio in Trumbull!  The kids are out of school, so this could be a great day to bring them in!

15 minutes
5 images
$25 print credit
for $100

At Three Days | New Canaan Newborn Photography

Just a quick sneak peak at the youngest newborn I have photographed so far.  Baby A was a perfect doll for her very first photo session.  Here she is safe and cozy in daddy's loving hands.

Congratulations to Brent & Karla!


Help Karla & Brent earn a free print!  It's as easy as leaving us a comment.  Either leave a comment on this blog post or on our facebook post.  Ten comments earns a free 5x7 ($10 value) and fifteen + comments earns an 8x10 ($20 value).

* * *Correction made to my original post title "At Four Days."  Momma kindly pointed out, this little doll is THREE days old!! * * *

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A typical birthday session!

Just what exactly would a one hour birthday session entail? Here is a sampling of an hour I spent with my son -- The beauty of a one hour session though is that you can do with it whatever you would like!

We headed into town -- there are some great backdrops in a quaint town like New Canaan, CT. -- Think train station, bricks sidewalks, benches greenery and more. 

We stopped at crumbs to pick out the perfect cupcake.  You could stop at any store -- grabbing a sandwhich or an icecream cone or whatever rocks your world!

We didn't let silly faces slow us down.  We just told a joke and moved on!

Then we headed to the park for the sunset.  Here is my son helping his little brother!

Who wants a cupcake????

Just one more smile . . .   please!!

OOOHHH  Yummy!

Lastly we headed to the backyard to show off his new birthday digs!  Catch ya later!  We're looking for dinosaurs!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Two-and-One-Half | Trumbull Childrens Photographer


This little darling girl had her portraits done at our August portrait party.  Isn't she the most beautiful, perfect, sweet, and adorable two-and-one-half year old on the planet?

Okay, so maybe I'm biased because she is my daughter.

Just a little biased.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wall Display Guides

We are happy to now offer you help deciding how to print and hang all the beautiful images we worked so hard to create with you during your session. Because we know the truth is your images are probably sitting quietly in a folder your computer right now, right? Maybe you've shared them on facebook or in a blog. But there is just something about a good, high-quality print hanging on your wall that can't be replaced by a computer screen.

If you're like me, though, you get a little stressed at the thought of how to best present your print. I don't always know the best way to display them, so they stay sitting quietly in a folder on my computer or just get uploaded to the family blog.

Hopefully we can help you out just a little bit by designing a custom Wall Display Guide with photos from your session, like the ones below. We have 18 different guides with lots of print options to choose from (like canvas, stand-outs, or regular prints in a frame). We have even created a new link titled "Wall Displays" at the top of this page for you. Go to this link, pick which wall displays you like best, and we'll put together a custom guide for you to use to hopefully help you visualize the art on your walls. This is at no extra cost, it's just part of your session fee.

We've also discounted the prices of the prints when you order a collection as opposed to the a-la-carte prices listed on your web gallery. Quite a deal!

So now, let's work together so you can get all those fabulous images off your computer and onto your wall for you and everyone who visits your home to enjoy!

Email Jamie or Lillian to get started.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Embracing the imperfections!

When I first started taking pictures professionally, I wanted to turn out "perfect" pictures. I wanted to control the backdrop, preset the white balance, and even choose the best photos. I was worried that if some of the "less than perfect" pictures were seen by others they would not consider me talented in taking photos.
 And by less than perfect I don't mean photos where the exposure is wrong or the focus is off -- I mean photos where not all the kids are looking or where they are pulling silly faces. In short I wanted to capture contrived expressions in contrived circumstances.
I have evolved though (so to speak). More and more the photos I love are the ones that capture the moment -- the good, the bad, the drama, the emotion, the silliness, the craziness and more. Many of you may know that my mother passed away this past summer. I have spent hours poring over old photographs. The ones I love are the ones where we look alive. We don't look like wax models. Take this photo, for example. We have just come out of crumbs with yummy cupcakes for all the kids. I envisioned grabbing a quick snapshot of all the kids looking at me. When I got home, I fell in love with seeing this moment in time. Owen is quite upset. Adam is making a silly face.  Madelyn's eyes are closed.  Julianne is being so responsible holding the baby and the cupcakes.  Catherine seems to be enjoying the whole chaotic scene. 
It is not a perfect picture.  But it is perfect to me.  I can't wait to print this one and hang it on my wall!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Such a cute age!

Do you find yoursefl thinking that??? Don't let that age slip by. Schedule a portrait session with us to capture those cute mannerisms that are so endearing. Our fall schedule is posted so call or email Lillian today. We still have space in tomorrow's sessions! Don't postpone preserving those moments!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby E | Fairfield County Newborn Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing this darling baby girl recently. There is nothing like a newborn. I really do take it as an honor when I'm asked to come to a family's home during these first few days of life with a new baby. It is such a special time for a family, like somehow heaven is just a little bit closer. I always love meeting these new babies and recording their very first portraits. Baby E was no exception.

A good rule of thumb for doing newborn portraits is within the first two weeks of the baby's birth. During that time, the baby is usually pretty sleepy and can be curled up into sweet, cozy positions. Although I have had beautiful success with older babies, too, so it's never really too late. This little darling girl was 10 days old for her session. How precious is all that brown hair?

Thank you so much to the G family for having me over to your home to help you document your sweet baby girl's first few days.

Big brother was not really in the mood for being photographed that morning.  But I must say, I love these portraits for that very reason!  To me, there is nothing better than capturing the real thing! 

Like this portrait, for example, I think would be a great Christmas Card!  Or is it just me??

I love this baby's lips.  So, so sweet.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

A twist on the classic Silhouette

I remember being amazed watching a silhouette artist cut out by hand a silhouette.  I was at Disney World and I was so in awe at the skill and precision he used when cutting the thick black paper into a sihouette of his model.  There is just something so simple and beautiful about a silhouette.  That is why we are so excited to announce a new digital product.  It is a modern twist to the classic silhouette.

They are not only beautiful and fully customizable, but they also benefit a great cause.

You can read about Emma and her fight against MycoBacterium Avium here

If you love the look of these, and want to have them of your children, we will make sure to capture the perfect sihouette photo during your session to submit and have made into this beautiful one of a kind artwork. 

Once you have selected the background, this silHOOette is delivered digitally so that you can have it printed in any manner you want -- stretched canvas or a print to be framed or whatever you can dream up. 

You could also use the image for custom stationary or cards or have it printed on to a bag or pillowcase.  The possibilities are endless! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Isn't it hard to choose your favorite photos from a session?

It is always such an exciting moment when you get to see all the photos from your photography session.  Each cute and quirky expression your children make captured in the photographs.  And for each photo that captured the perfect smile, there is another photo that captured the personality to the T. 

In a perfect world, we would have endless walls to fill with prints of our families and endless resources to buy them all.  For most of us, at some point we have to sit down and pick and choose which of all the photos we want. 

The choosing is the hard part.  Each time you cross out a photo from the list it makes you a little sad. 

That is why we are excited to announce a new "party favor" available at our portrait parties.  In the past we gave out black and white photo booth strips with some of the cutest outakes from your session, but now we have something new we can offer. 

A video, suitable for your blog, facebook page, or burned to a DVD.  You want to see all those sweet faces forever, don't you???

Here is an example of the party favor from one of our recent portrait parties. 

We take 70 or so images from your session and set it to music -- add a few funky finishing touches and provide you with a keepsake that will make any grandma smile and will "save" all those pictures for you long term. Each video can also be upgraded to HD quality if you love the outcome! Take a look and see what fun you can have with this new product!