Sunday, February 20, 2011

LizzieIzziejames photoshoot

We had so much fun taking photos for an entrepreneur from our hometown here in New Canaan. She has an online business making the most beautiful felt hair clips, headbands, and accessories. There are even the cutest headbands for BOYS! Check out and fall in love with her products as much as we have!!!!





Look what's cooking at the portrait parties!

a few headshots for a spectacular chef!!!!




It was really fun to take these photos! I love how the stove top and chef's coat really start to tell a story!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Daniel

This was the sweetest baby boy. Thanks so much for letting me take his pictures. Do you love that hair? I never had a baby with hair so it was so fun to photograph!!









Monday, February 14, 2011

New Printing Option -- Press Printed Boutique Cards

I fell in love with this printing option the minute I saw a sample. They are cards that are pre-cut into one of over 50 shapes. They are printed on both sides and are ABSOLUTELY Beautiful. So when I saw that our pro-lab was having a sale on them, I KNEW that I just had to order my kids' valentines day cards. So if you love them and have the perfect occasion to want them, send us an email. We can design and order them for you -- you don't have to have had us take your photo -- we will design them with whatever photo you want to use.





Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Online Lovin'

Lillian and Jamie had such a fun week as we got a little online recognition. First, Lillian had her first guest blogger post appear at

Then, Jamie had one of her submitted photos to MCP actions selected to show off a new action set. MCP actions is even doing a blueprint on how to achieve the look!

And then Lillian had her second guest blogger post at

Congratulations to us! We love what we do and we have fun doing it, but a little outside love is EXTRA nice. It's a photographer's BEST kind of valentine!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Year Old | New Canaan Children's Photography

Here are a few more from a session this weekend with my little daughter, Miss E.  She was so cooperative even though the weather wasn't so great.  I know everyone says this, but I really can't believe she's turning two!


One of my favorite moments captured in this session:


She wasn't thrilled about having a mustache.  Too much of a girl for something like that, I suppose.





She was upset that we left her standing on the stool because she couldn't get down.  I love this little face, even when she cries. 


Her MOST favorite shoes (for the moment at least).


Monday, February 7, 2011

Very Darling Two-Year-Old | New Canaan Children's Photography

My husband and I spent Saturday morning doing this session with our daughter who will turn two this month.  Here's a sneak peak.  More (including a video done by said husband) to come soon!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why I Photograph

I read this article this morning and had to share.

Why We Photograph

Posted: 04 Feb 2011

Photography is a part of the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the globe. The widespread availability and ease of owning a camera is a product of the digital age – and aren’t we all so fortunate for it. Whether you have a simple point and shoot to capture family moments and day to day ramblings or a multi-thousand dollar medium format with a digital back for large production advertising, photography touches all of us. It begs the question, why do we photograph?

For some it’s as necessary as breathing. It’s as much a part of who we are as the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the friends we associate with and the values we hold dear. It’s who we are. To others it’s an enjoyable hobby or past-time – a great way to spend some free time or a way to capture little family moments. Whatever your personal level of involvement in photography is, taking photos is something we all love to do.

Perhaps there is a deeper psychological explanation. Our time on this earth only lasts for so long, and a camera allows us to preserve memories far past when they might have slipped our mind. It helps us pass those memories into the hands of future generations. Our photos are little legacies of the life we have led – our travels, experiences, food, family, friends, work relationships and more. Each photo is a window into a moment, and the collections of images we take over the years are a window into who we were and what we valued. Ultimately it comes down to a simple truth – seeing that moment captured makes us genuinely happy.

Photography should make you happy. Never let someone impede on your personal happiness. You love HDRs and someone else doesn’t – who cares? You are enamored with landscapes but your friends think they’re droll – don’t let it bother you. You’re a fashion nut but no one gets your style – just keep being you. Enjoy your photography for what it is – your own. Know that not everyone will appreciate it, but if it personally fulfills you, that’s all that truly matters. Be true to yourself and you’ll never regret a day of your life.

Share with us, why it is you photograph.

This is why I photograph:


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valentine Cards | New Canaan Photographers


I'm so excited, I just ordered Jackson's Valentine cards from our printer. Here's a sneak peak for our Portrait Party followers!

Can you tell Jamie and I work together (because of the matching portraits of our kids)??  We spent Saturday morning having a blast taking Valentine portraits of our kids.  Unlike sometimes when we try to photograph our own children, we actually got some images we like.  Jamie helped me out tremendously by taking most of the pics of my kids.  She is rockin' her new camera, by the way.

When I get some edited I'll post them here.  They are super sweet!

Until then, I hope you all are enjoying the snow.  Ha!  Seriously, we have been covered in sooo much snow here in the Northeast.  It has been crazy.  And the forecast predicts more tomorrow.  Lovely!


Snow is white; so I am into COLOR

There is something about bright colors to chase away the winter blues.  (and with the snow piles at record highs I have definately needed some bright colors in my life lately!)

This also highlights some of the post-processing that happens after we take a picture. Few people realize how much work goes into editing the photos after we take them. So I thought I would address one of those editing related myths.

Myth #1 -- Photos are only edited afterward if the photographer didn't get it "right" in the camera.

This simply is not true. Most of the time, photographers get it just right in the camera for their clients needs. For example, when we take a photograph, we don't know how our clients will want it printed; the ability to print at a variety of sizes requires us to give the subject just a little more space. Everyone loves a tightly cropped photo, but if the "tightness" doesn't come after, there simply may not be enough of the photo to work with to make gallery wrapped prints or to change the aspect ratio from a 4X6 to an 8X10.

Also, expectation about photos have definately transformed over the years and quite frankly we all have become accustomed to photographs that have been improved in photoshop. I can guarantee you that as you look through photographers portfolios, much of what you come to love as their style is achieved through their post processing. Photography has always been an art, and with today's sophisticated equipment behind the shutter, a significant portion of the artist's vision comes from their use of photo editing software to add to an already quite perfect photo.


The left photo is SOOC (straight out of camera).  I happen to think it is a great shot.  There are great catch lights in his eyes.  The composition is fantastic.  But look at what can be done in post processing.  First I moved the exposure up 2/3 of a stop in Lightroom.  (Slightly overexposing a photo can produce very vivid colors.)  Then I opened it in Photoshop CS5.  I quickly touched up my son's very chapped lower lip and then ran an action from called fresh and colorful.  It just brightened the colors slightly.  Lastly I ran a resize and sharpen for web action -- so that the picture would load fast on this website and look online as good as it looks in person.  Like all art, there is no one size fits all answer.  This post processing speaks to me right now -- I love the colors so bright.  But who knows, maybe in summer when all the world is full of color, maybe, just maybe I will prefer a look more like this one where I have ramped down the saturation. 


No, I think I will always prefer this one bold and colorful, just like my son's personality!